Market Report September 2019

BLACK PEPPER OIL: VIETNAM Unfortunately, heavy rains in Vietnam have already claimed the lives of 10 people. Luckily, the rains have not had much effect on the Black Pepper crop, but with current pricing levels, farmers are not putting their focus into this material. As consumption for this product grows, it is possible we will see higher prices in the future. Read More

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Market Report July 2019

Just as it appears Cardamom prices had hit their ceiling; they push right through. Guatemala had a poor crop of only around 2500MT of Cardamom seeds. This has left producers unable to secure the necessary raw materials leading to a shortage of this material with demand outpacing currently supply. Expect prices to be high but it seems like availability will become a bigger issue with this material. Read More!

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Market Report March 2019

AJWAINOIL:INDIA The Ajwain Seed crop this year is down around 30% compared to last year’s and unfortunately the quality is not quite up to standard. It is expected to see prices increase once carryover inventory has been depleted as supply is unable to keep up with demand. Read More!

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Market Report December 2018

GINGER OIL - CHINA Recently, prices for Ginger Oil have been pushing downwards but that trend seems to have reversed. Increased environmental enforcement has forced some producers to reevaluate their production and disposal methods. Producers were able to bury the residuals left over from production in the past. Now they are facing plant closures if they continue. As Ginger Oil production leaves behind a high level of residuals with no commercial value, these

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Market Report October 2018

BERGAMOT OIL – ITALY The Bergamot growing regions experienced a good bloom this year after favorable weather conditions over the summer months. It is expected to be a good harvest up by around 15-20% from last year. Unfortunately, as we enter the new crop season there is low availability for this oil. Bergamot is also seeing an increase in popularity for the fresh fruit, meaning larger quantities are being diverted to the fresh fruit

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Market Report August 2018

BERGAMOT OIL – ITALY This year had a very successful crop, larger than the previous 3 years. While not quite at historical highs, oil production has recovered and is continuing to grow. The fruit from recently planted trees has not yet entered the market but is expected to provide a good harvest during the upcoming season. More than 300 hectares have been planted over the last three years. This year’s crop bloomed in

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Market Report July 2018

BLACK PEPPER OIL – INDIA This year’s crop began in January and is expected to be of typical size. Some producers had to slightly increase their prices this year as the Indian government imposed a tax of $7.50 per kilo on all imported Black Pepper. This slightly reduced the amount of raw material available to processors, but most have adjusted by now. The market is currently stable for this

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Market Report June 2018

Global Essence is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the 2018 World Perfumery Congress in Nice, France from June 5th to June 7th. Come see us at booth #915!
The World Perfumery Congress (WPC) is the global stage for fragrance creativity, ingredients, technology and business—providing the ideal forum for discussing the industry’s latest issues and breakthroughs.
The unique

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Market Report April 2018

New and Exciting Rosemary Extracts!

Global Essence is pleased to announce we are now offering a wide range of Rosemary Extracts geared towards the Cosmetics, Health & Wellness, Functional Foods, Beverage industries and more!

Amongst these new offerings, our new water-soluble extracts offer a range of benefits including high levels of antioxidants, rosmarinic acid, and easy formulation for both cosmetic and beverage companies alike. We are able to supply both Moroccan and Chinese

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