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Many companies and individuals want to say goodbye to usingĀ synthetic chemicals.

For this reason, they are turning towards natural health and cleaning products.

That’s why essential oils are rising in popularity and have become readily available. Yet, with many brands and products to select, you might not know the best option for your needs.

Check out how to choose a quality essential oils supplier…

Consider the Pricing of the Essential Oils Supplier

Good quality essential oils are rarely cheap.

If a price looks too good to be true, chances are it will be. It’s vital to consider where the essential oils come from before you buy a bottle.

For instance, it will take 250 pounds of rose blossoms to produce an ounce of rose oil. This explains the higher rate for rose absolute or pure rose otto.

Yet, there are other oils that are a little easier to produce and will be cheaper, as a result. It is, however, essential to note that all oils will need a considerable amount of plant matter.

That’s why it’s important to be wary of essential oil suppliers with very low price tags. It’s likely the product will lack the quality you’re looking for.

While you may not want to pay out too much, your money will go much further with an oil that has a high concentration. This is because only a small amount will be required for each application.


There is no standardized definition of essential oil purity.

In fact, even if an essential oils supplier offers 100% purity, it may not have been processed well.

The therapeutic benefits will vary from season to season or even year to year. It will also depend on where the plant has grown.

What’s more, the process of essential oil extraction will determine the end product. For example, the chemical balance maintenance may change from harvesting to product delivery.

Oils may also be subject to adulteration at different production stages. This is the process of adding an inferior product into the oil. It’s a little like putting water into milk.

Find an honest essential oils supplier to avoid buying an adulterated product. It’s often wise to turn to a supplier who specializes in the product.

They will have more experience in the trade and are more likely to sell pure essential oils, as a result. After all, it is the focus of their business and the quality will determine their reputation.

For example, our 150 years’ experience is a testament to our high-quality essential oils.

Essential Oils Testing

A supplier that cares about purity will embark with at least two oils tests. The tests are often performed simultaneously to ensure they offer the same result.

A supplier should always test each batch from a distiller to provide a premium product. In most cases, a vendor will offer a batch specific GC/MS reports that are available on their website. Yet, others may provide them upon request.

We are proud to offer a wide essential oils range, such as natural, pure and natural and commercial. Contact us for more information on our essential oils grades and production qualities.

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