Of the many essential oils, coconut oil may be one of the best for your health. Like many products with a high fat content, coconut oil is often disputed in terms of its health benefits. But as an essential oil supplier, we’re here to show you how good it really can be. Below is a list of 8 amazing things coconut oil can do for your health.

1. It Contains Lauric Acid.

Coconut oil is very high in saturated fats, but research shows this may not be a bad thing. Of those fats, many classify as lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties. This means that it can destroy bacteria, viruses, and various other infections. So next time you’re feeling ill, why not try a spoonful of coconut oil?

2. It Increases Your HDL Levels.

Heart disease is one of the most common ailments in the United States. Hence, consuming heart disease-fighting foods like coconut oil can be beneficial for anyone. Studies show that HDL cholesterol is not only “not bad,” but it also helps your body get rid of the LDL (bad) cholesterol. This helps keep your heart safe from disease.

3. You Can Glean Energy Faster.

One of the most incredible things about coconut oil is its ability to be quickly digested. This is due to its being digested in the liver rather than going through numerous other digestion steps. So, if you’re low on energy lately, you may want to look into purchasing some coconut oil. How better to stay energized when you need it most?

4. It Could Help You Lose Weight.

Coconut oil can do more than give you an energy boost. Its quick digestion can also help you lose weight. While most doctors recommend watching how much of this essential oil you consume, there is evidence that those who consume a little bit each day lose weight quite efficiently. If you’re struggling with weight loss, coconut oil may be the thing for you!

5. It Improves Mental Function.

Certain studies show that coconut oil has properties that make it ideal for improving mental function. This includes conditions such as epilepsy or Alzheimer’s, as well as memory strength. Because coconut oil is composed largely of medium-chain fatty acids, it requires less insulin to help your brain work than do other types of fats. If you need a memory boost, coconut oil is certainly worth trying.

6. It’s Good for Skin and Hair.

Due to the antibacterial properties mentioned earlier, coconut oil can be a fantastic solution to any skin or hair problems you’re having. For instance, it can help thoroughly cleanse your skin in case of an infection or eczema. Those same properties can also be vital to good hair health, as clean hair is often healthy hair.

7. It Can Ease Gall Bladder Problems.

Similar to coconut oil’s ability to digest quickly due to its independence from insulin, it can also ease gall bladder disease symptoms. This is because of its independence from enzymes. It can easily be taken into the pancreas, thus reducing symptoms.

8. It Contains Hormone-Balancing Properties.

This is definitely good news in a world where so many of our foods are laden with hormones and chemicals. Certain studies suggest that coconut oil’s lauric acid levels are good for those going through hormone shifts such as menopause.

We hope that you have more information about coconut oil and its benefits now. We also hope that you’ll consider adding it to your lifestyle for overall health purposes.

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