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The essential oils business is booming. Many people are finding out what the word “essential” means in essential oils. These oils, extracted from the essence of plants, have a myriad of uses that make them practically indispensable.

There are few things more versatile than essential oils. Here are just a few things they are used for:

  • Diffused to affect mood changes
  • Used as first aid for sunburn
  • Added to a bath for detoxification
  • Added to favorite recipes to enhance flavor
  • To relieve indigestion
  • To disinfect and clean your home
  • For skin care and anti-aging treatments

And the list goes on and on. But when it comes to deciding where to buy essential oils, there are some important factors you should consider.

Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for wholesale essential oils.

Evaluate the Quality of the Product

Look for good quality essential oils. Make sure the oils are organic. That means they were sourced from plants free from chemicals like pesticides.

High-quality essential oils can be consumed and used in food. Check to see if your supplier is certified for food safety.

Look for language like unadulterated, pure or undiluted to ensure no synthetics or carrier oils have been added to the oils. Pure oils are very concentrated and can deliver powerful results.

Companies use various methods to test the quality of their essential oils. Check out the method used by your supplier and try to select a company that uses third-party testing.

Know Your Supplier

Know the reputation of your supplier. Check online reviews about their practices for sourcing and testing their products. Find out how much experience they have in the industry.

Find out if the company you are buying from has scientific advisors on staff. What is their level of expertise with essential oils? Do they provide education and industry information about their products?

The company’s ethics are also important. Suppliers who are kind to the environment are considered eco-friendly. They care about the sustainability of the regions where they grow the plants that provide their essential oils.

Look for Great Customer Service

There are as many essential oils as there are plants. Choose a supplier with a variety and availability of the wholesale essential oils you need. Essential oils have varied characteristics and properties. And they can be blended for different purposes.

Some companies have product experts available to provide support and answer your questions, so you can make your purchase decisions.

Check Packaging and Shipping Policies

Make sure your essential oils are packaged in dark glass containers. This protects the potency of the oils. Also, the oils should not be in plastic containers, since essential oils can dissolve plastic.

Check out the supplier’s shipping and return policies. Some essential oils such as Frankincense or Rose are very expensive. You want to make sure you can have shipments returned or replaced if there are any damages during shipping.

Final Thoughts

When you are ready to purchase wholesale essential oils. your main objective is to find a company with high standards that offers quality wholesale essential oils.

At Global Essence, we take pride in providing the highest quality of products and keeping you up to date on industry practices with market reports.

If you have any questions, contact us here. We are ready to help you with your essential oil needs.

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