Global Essence

We are one of the leading suppliers of premium-quality ingredients to the flavor, fragrance, consumer products, essential oils, food, beverage, and allied industries. Our convenient staff and warehouse facilities are located in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Singapore. The Global Essence team represents over 150 years of solid experience in the global flavor and fragrance industry.

Our senior procurement team each represent 30-plus years’ experience developing long-term relationships with trusted sources and suppliers in many countries. Decades of hands-on experience help us satisfy the unique flavor and fragrance needs of the vastly different regional markets in Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States. As Katrina Neale emphasizes, “That’s why we say that Global Essence is regionalized in a global marketplace.”

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What We Offer:

  • Essential Oils
  • Absolutes, Concretes
  • Citrus Products
  • Aroma Chemicals
  • Specialty Ingredients
  • N.O.P. Certified Organics
  • Resinoids & Oleo resins
  • Isolates
  • Natural Aroma Chemicals
  • CO2 Extracts
  • Customized Ingredients
  • Kosher & GMO Certified Essential Oils
  • Citrus Materials designed specifically for flavor use
  • Specific flavor, fragrance and cosmetics qualities
  • State of the Art decoloration/fractionation technology