Ethics Policy

Global Essence is committed to sustainability, quality, safety, traceability, and customer’s loyalty. We are proud to be a responsible supply source for natural and organic products for a diverse range of industries and act in an environmentally-, socially- and economically-friendly manner to help towards a sustainable future for our planet.

Human rights

We are avid supporters of human rights and encourage diversity within our organisation. We comply to the relevant legislation including the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles covering labour rights (including the protection of children and young workers), working environment, working conditions and fair working hours.

Ethical business behaviour

We take a highly ethical approach to our professional behaviour and business practice. We believe in the principles of free enterprise and fair competition, and do not practice bribery or facility payments and corruption. This approach is instilled in staff members at on-boarding and continues throughout their time with Global Essence.

Environmental protection

Our manufacturing processes comply with relevant legislation and we undertake necessary environmental precautions. We only source our raw ingredients from reliable, trustworthy suppliers who align with our own ethical business approach.